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    The journal is coordinated by an Editorial Board consisting of national and international recognized specialists, researchers, professors, and experts from governmental organizations.

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    The articles are scientifically revised by two national and international experts in the field, from research institutes or universities. The content of the journal addresses the leather, footwear and rubber goods sectors, with the following topics: - biomaterials based on proteins from leather - collagen, with applications in medicine, agriculture, and the industry; - environmental issues related to the leather and footwear sector; - adhesives for footwear; - foot health issues related to footwear manufacturing; - recovery of waste from leather, footwear, and leather goods manufacturing; - issues of related industries: leather goods, items made of leather, technical articles, protection equipment; - new chemicals, dyes etc.

    The articles are currently published in English and contain abstracts and key words in English, Romanian and French.

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    The journal is distributed in national and international institutes, universities, libraries and SMEs. By submitting your manuscript to be considered for publishing in Leather and Footwear Journal you are active white max slimming review consent to processing personal data for administration and publication purposes.

    active white max slimming review