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Sun mudra pentru pierderea în greutate. Yoga Mudras pentru a reduce efectele diabetului


    When the five fingers are touched and pressed in a peculiar way to form a Mudra, it affects the levels of the five elements in our body, thus balancing those elements and inducing good health.

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    I find that when I'm really down, using a mantra can really lift my spirits and remind me I'm more than just my difficulties. When using these chants, visualize the meaning and words reverberating through your entire body. Focus deeper and deeper, until you feel like the words are almost a part of you.

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    Listen to the videos! They'll help you get the chant down. The many years of workout, paired with a good, clean diet, are working in your favor.

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    But your body needs more, and therefore, you must embrace yoga. Yoga is not just a workout; it is a way of life. Aranga meaning raised floor and Etram meaning climbing in Tamil,one of the south indian languages.

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    Everyone already knows sun salutations, but what about it's less popular little sister? Drum roll please: Moon Salutations, folks.

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    Loving them. Moon Salutations, known as Chandra Namaskar in sanskrit, are essentially a mandala flow.

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    It's a sequence of grounding… Privacy.