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The greater the temperature in a substance — the more the molecules move, and the higher the rate of diffusion.

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The movement of molecules also depends on a range of other factors, such as pressure, the viscosity of the substance, its concentration, resistance to diffusion, the distance that a molecule travels in order for the diffusion to occur, and the mass of a molecule. For example, if we compare water and honey, we will notice that with all other conditions such as pressure and temperature being equal, diffusion happens faster in water, because its viscosity is lower than that of honey.

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The movement of molecules requires energy, and to make molecules move faster, more energy is required. If we want to increase diffusion by raising the temperature of a substance, for example by heating it, we will have to generate energy to produce this heat. We can burn some gas, coal, or wood, for this purpose.

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If we heat up several different substances with the same amount of energy, some substances may warm up at a faster rate than others, because of the factors above that affect their diffusion rate. To represent these properties of materials and substances, we use the terms specific heat capacity and heat capacity.

Specific heat capacity represents how much energy or heat is needed to change the temperature of an object of a given mass by a given value. This is different from heat capacity, which measures the amount of energy needed to change the temperature of an object or matter by a given value. Mass is not considered when calculating heat capacity.

Heat capacity and specific heat capacity are thermal pro fat burner calculated when the object or a substance is in a steady state for example, a solid.

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This means that the substance is not changing between different states. This article discusses both heat capacity and specific heat capacity because the two are related. The molecular structure of metals is very rigid.

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The space between molecules is smaller in metals and thermal pro fat burner solids than it is in liquids and gases. This gives molecules less freedom to move, and less energy heat is required to make them move vigorously and to raise the overall temperature of the material.

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Because of this their specific heat capacity is very low. This means that it is very easy to raise the temperature of metals. Therefore, compared to other materials, it takes a lot more energy to heat one unit of mass of water by one degree. Specific heat capacity for water is significantly higher than thermal pro fat burner of many other fluids because the hydrogen atoms in water molecules have very strong bonds.

Water is a major component of most living organisms and plants on Earth, and its specific heat capacity is a very important property for all living beings. Thanks to its high specific heat capacity, even on very hot days the heat is generally not high enough to raise the temperature of the internal fluids in animals and plants significantly.

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This is because a large portion of our planet is covered by water. Even if the heat generated by solar radiation is high, it takes a long time to raise the temperature of the oceans and other bodies of water, and the overall changes in temperature are very gradual. On the other hand, planets that do not have such extensive water coverage as does Earth, or even places on Earth with very little water, for example, deserts, have a much larger temperature fluctuation when the amount of solar heat changes.

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For example, the air temperature difference in the desert between daytime and nighttime is much more significant than the temperature fluctuation near or above the surface of an ocean. It is often used because water is generally cheap.

In countries with cold climates, it is circulated in pipes in houses to provide heating.

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Water in a solution with ethylene glycol is also used in car engines for cooling. Ethylene glycol has a lower heat capacity, so it lowers the overall heat capacity of the solution and hence the effectiveness of the cooling system. However, at the same time, it ensures that the solution does not freeze in cold temperatures.

Cooling thermal pro fat burner meant for cold climates uses more ethylene glycol — antifreeze is one of the formulations used in this situation. Heat Capacity in Everyday Life The heat capacity of materials affects how fast they thermal pro fat burner up when all other conditions are equal. Materials with high heat capacity require more energy than those with low heat capacity, therefore if an object with low heat capacity and an object with high heat capacity are heated with the same amount of energy under the same conditions, then the temperature of the object with lower heat capacity will increase faster.

thermal pro fat burner

Materials with high heat capacity, on the other hand, take longer to heat up, but release this heat back into the environment a lot slower too. Soup stays hot for a long time in a ceramic bowl Cooking Utensils We select materials based on heat capacity if we intend to use them thermal pro fat burner make everyday items such as pots and pans, tableware, and other objects that are subject to heat during their use.

For example, it is generally better to use materials with low heat capacity such as metal for cooking utensils, pots or frying pans, to ensure that the heat passes to the food faster and to speed up the cooking process.

thermal pro fat burner

On the other hand, objects with high heat capacity take a long time to warm up and to cool down, therefore they are good insulators. We use such materials for cups and plates, especially if they are meant for hot foods.

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This ensures that the heat of the food is not lost quickly and that we do not burn ourselves. Some examples include ceramics and styrofoam.

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Cheese is a good insulator that keeps the food underneath it hot for a long time Food Insulators Foods also have a different specific heat capacity and heat capacity. This often depends on the amount of water that makes up that food, but other factors are also at play. It is helpful to know the heat capacity of foods both when cooking and when eating them.

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Some foods act as insulators and, when placed on top of other foods, trap the heat underneath. They also do not lose water, because there is no place for it to evaporate.

thermal pro fat burner

Cheese is a good example of insulator food. When it is placed on top of another food, such as pizza, it melts and insulates the ingredients under thermal pro fat burner.

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There are usually ingredients under the cheese that have high water content, such as vegetables and sauce. Because of this, they have high heat capacity, so after they become hot, they do not lose this heat easily, and this property mancare la blender de slabit further enhanced by the cheese insulator. This is why pizza straight out of the oven is very hot, and it does not cool down quickly.